Saturday, December 31, 2011

Guess What I Got!?

My dad asked me and my little sisters to go on a drive with him yesterday and surprised us with a trip to my grandmother's sister's house to get a puppy!

So here is the story. My grandmother's oldest sister passed away recently. Before she passed, she bred her female black labradoodle with a friend's male chocolate labradoodle. After she passed, her husband hasn't been up to taking care of the mother and 7 puppies. My grandmother's younger sister took the momma and puppies to her house to find them homes since the widowed husband's solution was to just "let them go" and apparently take care of themselves. He's old and grieving... Anyways, so we got there and Dad fell in love with a beautiful brown and cream puppy with blue eyes. I found a solid black puppy that was absolutely adorable. We ended up bringing BOTH of them home. How cool is that? I was shocked when Dad said it was okay to take both. So now, we have two little labradoodle girl puppies, one black and one chocolate and cream. They are so, so sweet!

On the way home, Dad held his little multi-choc puppy in his lap and I held the black one. Dad wanted a dog that will ride with him back and forth from Alabama and Ohio since he goes between our houses frequently. My little black girl had a blast in the car! She crawled up into the center console and looked around during the drive. She cried every time Dad had to stop and get out (to get gas, to get puppy food, and to get groceries). His little brown girl freaked out in the car, shaking and whimpering. Needless to say, we ended up switching puppies before we even got home.

So now I have a beautiful brown and cream puppy, and my parents have a beautiful black puppy. The black one has been named Sadie... or possibly Gracie. They aren't sure yet. Mine was originally Kahlua, then changed to Jolene. But now I'm thinking Aurora. I don't know yet. I'll figure it out in the next couple days.

We just finished building a temporary outdoor kennel for the girls to play in when it isn't raining. They are having a blast romping around in it. I stuck a tote out there on its side with a blanket for them to lay in while they are in the kennel. It is temporary after all. We need to fix a couple holes in our fence before they can run loose in the back yard. I'm taking them to the vet on Monday for puppy shots and health check-ups.

Wanna see them? Check it out!
Aurora?                                                 Sadie?

The girls already took time out of their busy play schedule for a nap in the temporary kennel.

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