Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My New Years Writing Resolutions

2012 is quickly upon us. I have a general rule of avoiding New Years resolutions simply because people never keep them, but here we are anyways. Instead of making life resolutions (I'm already doing a great job of taking better care of my health, losing weight, and relinquishing toxic relationships. I'm good on those!), I'm making Writing Resolutions for 2012. A friend of mine found this post and it is exactly like what I'm looking to do.

I like limebirdkate's 11 resolutions, especially #1,7, and 9. #1: Write gutsier. Everyone should do that. Stop being so careful that you sabotage your writing. Some things require taking chances. Writing is one of those things. #7: Take a writing workshop. No matter your place within the writer's food chain, you can and will benefit from taking a writing workshop. No one is perfect; everyone has room for improvement. Even the pros. #9: Build relationships within the writing community. I cannot communicate how important this is. I have a few friends that write... without them, I probably wouldn't write. I would go crazy from all the ideas and questions so I would block it all away like I used to do. As a writer in this day and age, you have to network with other writers. Not only will you make some amazing new friends, but you will improve your craft, learn some neat tips and tricks, and receive feedback that you wouldn't otherwise get. I know for a beta reader, I prefer writers and/or fantasy readers because those people can offer much better feedback.

So I have a few writing resolutions to share.

  1. Write more. I will finish Immo1 very soon (it is done, I'm just tweaking because I'm OCD like that). Immo2's 1st draft is nearly finished. I will begin the rewrite of Immo2 soon after the new year. I need to have an idea of Immo3 before November as it is the last book in the trilogy and I don't want to rush through it or half-ass it.
  2. Write better. Money is tight for everyone. However, I will find a way to get into a few writing workshops. I know several are offered online for free now that the courses have finished. The draw back to those is that you cannot ask questions of the instructor any longer. But I can deal with that. I'll be sure to share the free ones I find.
  3. Write now. I have a procrastination problem. Like, a serious problem. I'm distracted by everything: the kids, my Kindle, friends, Facebook games, logic puzzles, the list goes on. I think I've used the "ooh shiny" saying before to describe my distractibility. I will make some changes around the house in order to curb some of my distractions and make a forced effort to avoid the games and puzzles. I've done it before (like every November) so I know it can be done.
Do you make New Year's resolutions? Will you make writing resolutions for 2012? What are they? Tell me below!

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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