Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Holidays Part 5

I got into the crafting mode again tonight (yes, I know I'm supposed to be writing but its the holidays man... I'm like a freaking raccoon OH SHINY!!!!!!). I found a very cute snowman set up and had to give it a try. And then I modified it to suit my own needs. Check it out!

Group picture of my Snow Ladies. I made the tall one in the back first. It literally took 15 minutes in total to make it. The one in the lace dress in the front was my attempt to make one reminiscent of the leg lamp in A Christmas Story for my dad. I hate that movie but Dad loves it so I gave it a try.

 The Ladies, all lined up in a row. Aren't they adorable??? I feel like they all need hymnals and should be caroling. hahaha See the one with the yellow "skirt" in the back? She is different than the rest. The skirt covered up an ink stain on the bottom of the sock (no clue how it got there... I raided the girls's sock drawer for these socks so who knows). Also, this lady has bead buttons and a double colored hat/scarf. It was made for the girls's school bus driver so she'll appreciate it I think. :)

This is my Red Lady. She came out really well so I wanted to show off the Snow Ladies in close-up. Here, you see the arms, the scarf, the face, and the buttons. Unlike the original directions, I chose to use paint instead of buttons because 1) I don't have that many spare buttons laying around and 2) I hate sewing.

This picture is a profile of Red Lady to show off the hat. It has a hand made pompom at the very top of the hat, which happens to be in the very back of this gal. Some are on top of the head, others straight out behind like shown, and still others that hang down really low. I wanted them to look unique so I tried to vary their looks.

 And here is the top of Red Lady's hat. Super cute right? It started out as a Christmas sock so I kept the bow on it.

Check the link above to learn how to make these fantastic little ladies. I already have ideas on how to modify them to make turkeys, reindeer, angels, and school mascots. We'll see how it goes. My parents are adamant that I need to open an Etsy store or flea market booth and sell these crafts. hahaha But then, when would I ever get any writing done?!


Arts in the Family said...

They're great! How do you make so many in so short a time? That's crazy! I've got it. You broken the time barrier haven't you?!

Alberto Ramirez Jr.

Dee said...

hahaha Have I mentioned that I have serious OCD? When I start a project, I am so narrow focused that I can't do anything else with any dedication until the other project is over.

I wish I did that with my transcripting. I have blinders on when writing, but editing and rewriting from a paper edit is boring and monotonous. I'd much rather make fun crafts!

These snowmen are super easy to make though. It really took about 15 minutes per snowman. Check the link for instructions! :)