Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Weird: Ninja Cow

Residents of Plattsmouth, Nebraska have been tormented by a cow, nicknamed "Ninja Cow" at some point, for months. They think the cow escaped from a cattle truck in mid-September. The townsfolk tried everything to catch her... bribing her with biscuits and gravy, using recording cow sounds to lure her in, etc. Nothing worked.

Several Facebook pages have popped up supporting Ninja Cow. There are even talks of an annual Ninja Cow Day celebration!

The police chief, Steve Rathman, refused to shoot the cow. They went as far as to bring in a contractor to catch her. Eventually, animal control officer Sue Baker called up some ranch hands John and Jessica Vallery. They found the cow's newborn calf and used it as bait. They captured her temporarily but the broke the gate down. After that, Rathman gave a kill order. A cow loose in a residential area poses a great risk to human life, so I can understand his order when their options were exhausted.

Finally a couple cowboys caught Ninja Cow. She is happily residing at the farm of one of the men that captured her. Unfortunately, her calf was sold to another farmer while she eluded capture. The calf would have died without care, so while that is sad, its better than the baby died of starvation. City animal control just doesn't have the resources to care for a cow.

I'm very glad this story has a happy ending. I'm sure the residents of Plattsmouth are happy to not clean cow pies out of their yards, off the streets, and from the tennis court any longer. Yuck!

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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