Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Scene: Willow's Madmartigan In Love VS. Sorsha

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This is one of the new dailies that I got very excited about. Sunday Scene is where I will be sharing some of my favorite movie scenes on the blog! There are loads of websites that have pdf and/or html versions of popular movie and television scripts. I'm probably going to focus on movies for now, but I may throw a t.v. show in for giggles from time to time. Google "movie scripts online" without the quotes to find several sites or click the links below.
Simply Scripts
Internet Movie Script Database

Today's script is: Willow

I love this movie, especially as an adult. The names are awesome. The Nelwyns: Burglenutt, Meegosh, and Vohnkar. The humans (daikinis): Madmartigan, Airk, Sorsha. The Brownies: Rool, Teemo. Others: Cherlindrea, Raziel, Bavmorda.

Madmartigan: I love you.
He kisses her lips. Her eyes open.
Sorsha: One move and you really will be a woman.
Holding the baby, Madmartigan does not move a muscle. Sorsha holds a knife to his crotch.
Sorsha: You are a fool. Now put her back.
Madmartigan: I'm not going to let this baby die.
Sorsha presses the knife.
Sorsha: Don't make me kill you.

I love this scene specifically. Madmartigan and Willow infiltrate the daikini army's camp to rescue Elora Danan, and Madmartigan discovers he is in love with Sorsha. In the movie, I believe he was hit with brownie love dust, though I can't find it in the script I am looking at right now. That is the only bad thing about these script websites. Often, the scripts you find are early drafts that can be completely different from the final movie version.

Love is love, no matter the back story. <3 DS

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